Why Some Women Like Bad Guys?

Why Some Women Like Bad Guys?

In the game of love and finding a mate, nice guys may find themselves crowded out by the so-called bad guys. Yes, in some cases it is really true that nice guys may be at the trailing end of the game.

Now the question is: why makes a woman attracted to a person we can call a jerk? To be brutally honest, it is because bad guys are always exhibiting a more confident persona. And confident men are more attractive to a lot of women.

These jerks can be selfish as they are putting their interests first. They will never delay eradicating a woman they don’t like and most importantly they are not afraid of the image they are projecting.  Consequently, once in a relationship, these guys received a lot of complaints from women because they are uncontrollable. And women, in general, want a certain degree of control over their men. Or at least they think so.

More than being confident, bad guys present a certain challenge to some women and they love to play the game of hiding and seek. According to relationship experts, from time to time women love to face challenges in a relationship. It goes without saying that a relationship with challenges can be an exciting and active one.

However, these women may found out that bad guys can do be extremely bad resulting in a bruised and broken love relationship at the end. When everything is gone, this is when a woman will realize her mistake of falling in love with a jerk.

While we have the bad guy on one extreme, there is another guy located in the other extreme – the one we call as the nice guy. These are the doormat type which presents no challenge and excitement to an active modern woman.

Can we possibly have a guy in the middle of the road? A guy that exhibits excitement while at the same time could be a loving and understanding person to a woman of her choice?

Taken apart from each other, a bad guy and a nice guy may eventually be not the ideal for a woman. What we need is to combine the two personalities in one person and he would surely be extremely irresistible and magnetic.

There is never one single guideline or principle that could suit all situations for all men and women in all relationships.  What we could only possibly trace is a certain patterns or themes or factors for that matter. The most important thing for a woman to be aware of is developing a system that works for her in most cases.

With a good understanding of the roots and causes of different things, we could be aware of the challenges that we are facing. This is quite true in a relationship.

So will you still go for a bad guy?